Marriage of heart and soul but not of body

Cruel, cruel world to have kept us apart!

When can I meet you, my love without a face?

My life without a smile.

You have captured my heart and soul and I long for us to meet

So we may kindle this fire that has begun between the pages of this book.

Our minds have mingled and become one,

Our will is not ours.

I long for us to be together as we are so far apart.

To rest in the arms of each other, for two to become one.

A kindling of body and soul.

Legs intertwined; arms groping

Lips moist, pelvises undulating.

Heat, moisture, passion…love?

The bed sheets on fire, the mattress alight

The ecstasy of life!

One from two; two from one.


Fantasies rage,

Temperatures rise,

Pulses race.

Thinking, always of you.

Under, over, behind, next to,

The chemistry decides the position,

The intensity of the situation.

When can I see you to put my words into practice?

When can I taste those red lips?

When can my tongue trace the contours of your body and taste the salt of your skin?

My fingers hold onto the strongest part of you, and stroke-


Until you come alive in my hands and my mouth takes over.

Wrapping my lips around you, covering all of you,

Tasting your essence as you yearn for more.


This fantasy must end and let reality begin!

For as I write this,

Heat, moisture, passion…lust arise.

Take over and quell this yearning,

Take over and satiate my soul,

Put my yearning to rest-

Or will you?

Will the fires continue to burn when you touch me?

The heat rise when I think of you?

What is the cure, what?

Or is there one?

Tell me my love for if there is none and I can’t have you I am finished.


Lost to the world for my desires will not be met and my fantasies will go



This is one of my poems in my collection that you can get here: Beneath My Skin

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