Work from home parenting- School time!

School is back in session and I feel like I can take on the world! Well, maybe some small parts of it…. Actually, I’m just exhausted. It’s four days into the new school term here and L was literally bouncing off the walls Monday morning wanting to get to school as soon as they opened the gate. I was more than happy to oblige. He has not held back on his contempt for our skills (or lack thereof) for occupying him and making his vacation ‘magical’. My husband has had all the fun conversations that have made us realize that we are quite inadequate when compared to his friends and teachers.


Conversations like this one was an exceptional laugh riot:

Daddy: Is daddy boring?

L: iJump is fun!

(iJump is an indoor soft play area where children can bounce, run, slide and jump to their heart’s content while parents don’t pay them any mind. Don’t worry, there are very efficient minders and the children are always safe.)


This conversation didn’t hurt us as much, since we had already accepted our fate as ‘less than entertaining’:

Me: Let’s hope it doesn’t rain immensely tomorrow
L: so I can go to school
Me: yes, because we don’t want you to stay home tomorrow
Daddy (with the save): we don’t want you to miss school
L: because y’all are so boring!!!
Me: *looks at L* we know.
Daddy: you know what? We actually aren’t offended by that.

This was after having to keep him home with the intention of going to the clinic to get his booster shots (immunization) and being hindered by bad weather. (Hurricane Irma, while not directly affecting us with her wind and rain still managed to send some bad weather our way).

So L had to ‘suffer’ through an entire day with us just after bingeing on preschool goodness for two days…poor kid; I really felt it for him. Actually, I felt it for me, because I wanted to work and take a nap and my body didn’t know what to do somehow, so I just tried to be the most entertaining ‘mombie’ possible.

But we are back to it today, and for the next three months! I was on a very restricted work schedule, as I explained in my previous post , where my husband and I juggled work time with ‘occupy the 4 year old’ time. Now, I am back to having at least 5 hours straight free to work. This is good, but I think my body is adjusting, because all I want to do is take a nap (which I obviously couldn’t have done during L’s vacation time).

Here is where my discipline comes into play and my to-do lists get major attention. I cannot stress more how important calendars, daily planners and to-do lists are to the work from home parent. They are basically your life-source because if you are anything like me, pregnancy took some of your memory cells and labour did not give them back. I have always had a preference to write things down, but now I absolutely need to write it down because I know somehow I will forget it. Even if it is the dream date with Keanu – I am convinced L would do something that day to distract me and I would be that girl who stood up Keanu. I don’t want to be that girl.

So here is to me resisting the urge to nap every five minutes and putting in the work. Here’s to no sicknesses for L to hinder the ‘being in school’ process. Here is to working hard.

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