I love my child but…

…he never seems to shut up!

He would watch me sweeping the floor, knowing what I am doing and still ask, ‘Mommy, what are you doing?’

He would point to a number (that he knows) and ask me, ‘Mommy, what is this number?’

Or my all time favourite (*cries*) is the ‘mommy, I just did this *insert activity here*’ He would say this over and over and over again. Yes, I would respond at least on the first utterance or second and he would repeat himself almost ten times more and he would expect me to respond each time. Whyyyyy???

Most days I am the cat, staring out into the distance while my duckie son sits next to me chattering away….

I should actually have been prepared for this because apparently I prattle all the time (so says my husband *cue serious eye roll*), but I can’t deal. I mean here I am in true ‘mombie’ mode most days and my son’s mouth is going a mile a minute. I often have to ask him if he is simply asking a question to ask a question, or if he just likes to hear the sound of his own voice (mean or nah?).

But honestly, why do they talk so much? How do I keep up? How do you keep up? When is it okay to tell them shut the hell up? Is it ever okay? I mean, I have come very close to saying those very words but I thought about it and my overloaded-with-4year-old-questions mind still somehow has the wherewithal to consider pros and cons of telling a 4 year old to shut the hell up and I never do.

I know, I know. Maybe I shouldn’t even be thinking about saying that, but any one of us who has reached and are moving past the single digit years knows this. You were all thinking it; I just said it.

Maybe I really am to blame for this. I have made peace with the fact that I am raising myself, which, if you are familiar with this phenomenon, is not as awesome as it sounds. When you have realised that your child (or children) is (are), in fact, at least 70% you, things get annoying – fast. I swear, this is the only time you realise how that endearing quality of yours is, in actuality, not so endearing and is actually annoying in certain doses (and in smaller humans). That strong-willed streak that you have that has your friends praising you for always standing your ground on serious issues? Not so praise-worthy when you are staring a resolute toddler in the face who is absolutely set in doing the exact opposite of what you asked. Your curious streak? Yea, that becomes the chatter-bug that I am now dealing with.

Life and parenthood…. Why isn’t there a button to reset certain behaviours until you have had enough sleep or coffee  to deal with them?

I love the kid you know, but lord almighty I can’t always answer yet another ‘obvious’ question for the tenth time in the last 5 minutes! Help me!


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