It has been a while…

Whew! It surely has been a minute since I made a blog post, huh? Well, I haven’t given up on blogging just yet! I have been super busy with writing a monthly article for the Care Parenting Magazine in the Trinidad Guardian, doing client projects and trying to get my house all spruced up for the upcoming Christmas holidays. We also had some days in there where L got his first cold for the school term and he was home for a few days, then when he got better he had to go get his booster shots and his arm hurt for about two days, so he was home again until he felt better.  But all in a days/weeks’ work right?

To be honest, cleaning really shouldn’t have been taking so long but I have taken on the task of also doing major decluttering as well. So one room has been taking at least a day or two because I am deep-cleaning and sorting and deciding what needs to be tossed. Anyways, between my self-imposed decluttering Christmas task, my hands have been full (thankfully) with jobs and of course, since they pay the bills, they take first preference. But, I have three more days until school is up and I have un-encumbered time to clean and do the needful without  my four year old shadow.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention my biggest news yet! My manuscript has been accepted for examination! Finally, I am one major step closer to finishing this MFA programme and it has been a long hard road. I am over the moon elated!!! So come January, I shall get info on my oral examination and of course I shall blog about the process (once it is allowed).

Anyways, back at it again. Christmas is almost here!! (In my elf voice).

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