We finally put up the tree!

As I said in my last post, I have been juggling the task of cleaning, organising and downsizing for the past month in prep for Christmas. Well, I finished with my house feeling lighter and we finally put up the tree!

We were smart enough not to tell L that we were putting up the tree until the day before (Saturday) because if you have a small child, you know how many questions you can get between the telling about the event and the event itself. In order to spare yourself some words (and from losing your shit multiple times) you tell them they are heading to a birthday party while they are in the car, or going to visit a friend while you are pulling up in their driveway. You can’t leave these things to chance or else you will lose your mind (new parents take note, this is not a joke!).

Anyways, since he has been going on and on about Santa attending their school party and giving him a gift and how he can’t wait for the 25 December (yes 25, not 25th), we knew helping to put up the tree was going to be an even bigger deal for him this year. He pranced and paced all Sunday morning waiting until we brought out the boxes and he could not contain himself. But my big boy helped string lights and hung decor and did his job (putting the star on top of the tree). We did all this to the merry music of the Mariah Christmas album (a favourite of my husband’s) and we made some memories.

Oh, how I love Christmas!


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