Old Year / New Year: What did you achieve?

I sit here writing this post on ‘Old Year’s Day’ as we Trinidad call it (New Year’s Eve for everyone else), and I have so much going on in my head. Do I make the cliche ‘New year, New me’ post, or do I do something else? Well, seeing as I am not one to make resolutions, I think just sharing my goals would suffice. Most people make resolutions because it is the ‘thing to do’, but never achieve it because it tends to be the same vague resolution every year. Everyone wants to ‘exercise more’, or ‘eat healthier’ but never looks past the resolution to attainable goals. I say, instead, set goals. Put it in writing and note, step by step, the process to achieving that goal. If it is important enough, then you need to commit to it; make it concrete, so along the way, you can tick off each step achieved and you can see how much closer you are to achieving said goal.

So here I go sharing my General goals….

But first, I want to look back a bit at what was achieved in 2017.

  • I finally got approval for my Oral exam for my MFA programme. The final step to completing my Master’s programme!
  • I got very specific about my career and the services that I provide and took a serious look at how I plan to move forward. This included me no longer compromising payments simply because I wanted the job.
  • I took some risks and was able to secure opportunities that I thought I would not have gained otherwise.
  • I started this blog! Restarting my blogging has been something I have had on my mind for many years and I was afraid to do it because I always wondered, ‘what would I write about? Well, that is no longer an issue, thankfully.

Looking forward to 2018…

  • Secure more meaningful opportunities when it comes to writing and my freelance work.
  • Focus more on my son’s preparation for Primary school (I will definitely be blogging about this).
  • Take more risks! I have allowed my fears to prevent me from grabbing at many opportunities, but if 2017 has taught me anything, it is that taking risks do tend to pay off. So while my stomach may be in knots, I am going to make that call, send that e-mail or click that link.
  • I am going into super overdrive scheduling of my life so as to achieve all that I need to.

So, let’s head into 2018 together with a positive outlook and a plan to achieve our goals!

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