We have been busy little bees!

Over the Christmas clean-out/de-cluttering period when I was searching online to find the perfect gift for L, somehow Amazon, with its all-knowing powers told me (down-right insisted) that I should get a lovely organizational centre for L as well. So, I spent my hard-earned cash and bought the centre for him and waited with great anticipation for it to arrive. I actually was afraid neither it nor the gift would arrive on time since our Skybox providers (like all others) were having some shipping issues over the holiday period. But, it arrived and I sat back and let L and Daddy put it together. Yea…usually I am all in with the ‘putting stuff together from scratch’ thing, but this time I sat back and allowed them to have a great bonding experience. Hubby decided on the design and L found the pieces and hammered them into place; what a team! I was more than happy because finally all of his toys would be off the floor and displayed in a way that he would be able to access without help. This way, he (hopefully) won’t simply forget all of the things he has to fill his days.

Their hard work paid off…I supplied the ‘skill’ of label-making. Now, there is a place for everything and we are no longer in danger of obtaining a major lego injury, or a truck-borne fracture. Good times!


So no need for these bad boys!


I even found time to re-organise my own workspace. It isn’t too fancy, and I do more than just writing in there (sewing when I have the time), but now I am able to breathe and know where it all is and I don’t feel claustrophobic anymore.

Sidenote: I diy-ed the note board from a frame my friend, and Maid of Honour made for my beach-themed wedding. Cool right?


So now we both can see where our stuff is and we can access it all we easily. So here is to a more organised and focused crew!

2 thoughts on “We have been busy little bees!

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] If you are interested in staying organised, you could give minimalism a try.

    Oftentimes, when we buy things that we do not need, we end up contributing to clutter.


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