We finally made it to the Library!

After promising for what seemed like ages upon ages, we finally made it to the library! L was super excited because, as you guys know, we have kicked our reading and writing into high gear and he has been surprising us every day with how many words he knows. So a library was a big deal for him.

As we sat and waited for the librarians to issue our library cards (his is new and mine had to be renewed from expiration since 2010 – for shame), I realised how much I missed the wonderful world of books. Real paper and glue and thread and hardcover and soft cover books! The smell, the feel…it was so, so…well…near orgasmic if you ask me! I did not realise how much I had missed libraries. About 10 or so years ago when e-books made an appearance and kindles and e-readers were new and snazzy, I would swear to all that I would never, NEVER read or collect e-books because why would you want to give up the smell and feel of a real book? Then my then boyfriend (now hubby) gifted me with a kindle and it all changed. The matrix got me and I fell in love with the convenience (and frankly, the affordability) of an e-book. Then life kept happening and I kept collecting e-books like I did with hard copies before, but I read less and less. I recently told myself that I should start back reading, I mean what kind of writer would I be if I did not read even a fraction of the time that I spend on writing? I found a good ole classic (The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde) and begun to read…I got through a heaping 4 pages in a month…

So! I have thus challenged myself and I renewed my library card and where my son picked up two books I got me one (which is really two books in one). I have 28 days and I plan to use those days wisely. Here is to rekindling my relationship with books again!

Our books…

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