Big steps taken!

The New year brought major goal setting, (as my last post spoke about) and one of those included prepping L for Primary School so I wanted to update you guys on the progress he has been making. Our guidance included getting him more familiar with how to hold a pencil, forming letters, reading simple words etc. So, the first step was that we instituted a ‘reading and writing’ period in the afternoon. We got him a Spiderman workbook (he loves Spidey – only because he doesn’t know Batman yet*snicker*)

…anyways, we got him a Spidey workbook and colouring book where he can practice his pencil holding and letter-formation.

For a child who goes to a Preschool that utilises the ‘learning through play’ method, his letters are coming along pretty well…



We even found time to do some colouring together (I did the red, peach and orange parts).



Exciting times right! Oh, and he surprised us over the holidays by reading about 90% of his ‘Good Night Moon’ book during reading time. I swear I was brought to tears. I hope to be able to record him reading and post sometime. That moment we were so stunned that the phones were forgotten and we just kept smiling and hugging him and telling him how proud we are of him. Our sweet boy! More of L’s progress to come!

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