Round 2: Fight: (Primary School edition)

So last month I spoke about the first phase of the Primary School registration process. I spoke about it being seamless and easy to navigate, but I did not account for the roadblock that would have been put in our way by the Ministry of Education itself. Yes, the very ministry that is supposed to be making the process headache-free inserted an obstacle that suddenly caused all parents to collectively hold their heads in pain.

Our Ministry, in it’s all knowing way (insert eye roll here) decided that they needed to come up with a registration form that would be used by all schools DURING the process of registration. Yes, while every parent was running around trying to gather documents, making their lists of the best schools for their children, and dropping off forms at schools, the Ministry decided this was the perfect time to embark on this venture. They sent out a royal decree that all previous forms were a lie (not the literal words they used, but might as well be), and we should all cease and desist until further notice.

Until further notice meant about three weeks – give or take – for them to come up with a  one page form that was eerily similar to the ones I had filled out (and dropped off) weeks before. I really wanted an official to show me the major differences in these forms, and why it took them so long to create it. Also, shocker! There was at least one school on our list who did not want to take the new form because they were already in the thick of things. (I honestly do not blame them because these forms have to be evaluated by teachers during the school term. They are not sent any assistant to help from the Ministry, so for the all knowing tribunal to throw a wrench in their process would obviously be met with curse words and rolled eyes).

So! Round 2! I waited and dropped off forms (again) and now we are onto round 3: Wait.

I am already tired of this, and wish to God that I had the facilities, the faculties and the emotional wherewithal to home school.  But, we wait and we shall triumph.

5 thoughts on “Round 2: Fight: (Primary School edition)

  1. Kay says:

    Well I. went to a school in POS on Thursday and children were there with their parents already being screened. They told me they could not take my form so I said but isn’t this THE form everyone is using? She replied.. Yes but ours has our school stamp, u have to have the school stamp on it so that we would know you got it from us. I replied, but tge Ministry saidbit does not matter where you get the form from, and i know a parent has until March 15th to drop it ofd. I then asked, but isnt this a GOVERNMENT SCHOOL? She replied yes and then told me to wait let her go speak to a higher authority. She eventually emerged and then told me “okay we will take your form” of course it probably went to the nearest dustbin right after. As i proceeded to leave I observed about 7 young children with their parents seemingly waiting their turn to go in to be interviewed.


    1. Denyse says:

      I am not surprised! We also attempted to try one last school and I took the filled out form and everything to them and they told me the same thing about the school stamp. I am new to this but I had a feeling that the schools would have kept on doing their own thing despite ministry intervention. I really hope that you were able to get applications in to some of them still. This entire thing is a mess!


      1. Kay says:

        Thanks. Yes it is a mess. I applied to 4 schools, THREE of which are on the street that I work on! I wait with bated breath to see how this turns out!


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