Up in the Sky!

I know, I know! I did not update the blog at all during the Easter Vacation, but trust that we had a lot going on! Our vacation was packed, and while hubby and I were exhausted, L was absolutely loving all the activity! This worked for us because I was not about to sit and hear one more, ‘I’m bored, mummy’ from a 4-year-old again during a vacation period; a 4-year-old who has a collection of toys, a tablet with great apps, books and games, television and board games and books mind you *rolls eyes*.

Anyways! Moving right along to one fun activity my husband found that L has grown extremely excited about… dun dun dun! Stilt walking! (Here in Trinidad and Tobago we call it Moko Jumbies). An awesome group called 1000 Mokos have been doing a great community outreach programme where they offer their skills and experience to whoever is interested in learning the art of becoming a Moko Jumbie/Stiltwalker. So, every Sunday, you can go down to their base in Alice Yard in Woodbrook, Port of Spain and sign up to learn how to stilt walk for free! It is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and learn a cool skill. Plus, the Yard is a few feet away from a park, so add another way to tire out the kiddies on a Sunday afternoon…Score!

Of course, being the chicken that I am, and because I am deathly afraid of heights I am yet to have any strapped on to my feet, but the boys enjoyed themselves and amazed me with their skill. My L had no fear and proclaimed that he wanted to do it every weekend after his first lesson on Easter Sunday! I am extremely proud because hubby and I are all about encouraging a love for culture in our son. Also, I am happy that he found this to add to our list of activities that we chose as a way to grow closer as a family unit. Yes, there are many times we should, could and do spend with extended family, but I do believe that there should be times that are strictly for the immediate family unit. These are the activities that build bonds among the members without the necessary inclusion of another factor (be it friend or family member). Plus, who doesn’t want to experience ‘the firsts’ with your child? Selfish, I am *Yoda voice*.

Anyways, if you want to see L in action, check out my Instagram feed from a few weeks ago to see a video of him on stilts.


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