Round 3: Accepted. (Primary School Edition)

It is June and the decision has been made. Well, it was basically made for us, but we are actually quite happy about it. Remember when I told you guys we had applied to four schools? Well, we did and last month we got a call from one that told us L had been shortlisted for entry. We got excited because we had not expected to hear back from this school at all considering we had only applied to this one on a whim. It was a denominational school, under the auspices of a religion that neither myself, nor my son was baptized under, but it was a good school nonetheless. So we took a chance and applied and he got shortlisted. What joy! We just had to come in to confirm his documents and then wait a week and expect some feedback.

Two days later, we got a call from our first choice government school we had applied at and straight off we were told he was accepted. Oh, happy day! We were also told to come in for confirmation of documents and for them to meet with him. No worries. At this meeting, we spoke with the lovely principal and she asked him a few questions (she gave him a small test of sorts, nothing major, she asked him to identify a colour, a letter and to tell her his name and also write his name and read two words. He was shy as expected, but he apparently dazzled her enough for her to say how brilliant he was).

In any case, we went forward with this school, but still waited to hear from School A…the deadline came and passed and no feedback. I really must say that I despise my country for this type of behaviour. Why must we never have the common courtesy to respond to a request, an invitation, an application, an…anything? Just because the answer is no, does not mean you should ‘respond’ with silence!! Say something dammit!

Anyways…I got tired waiting and I called the school and finally got through to someone who could help (this was my fourth phone call by the way), and I was told his name was not on the list. At this juncture, knowing my countrymen I had figured as much, but I had just called to receive confirmation. So that was that.

Now, you may ask, ‘but what about the other two schools?’ Well, there was nary a call, nor an email, nor a snail mail from either. So we are leaving that as is since my son now has about four more weeks in his preschool career, and we want to focus on that and prep for the school he has been fully accepted into.

We are over the moon and finally (after months of fear) he is also once again excited about heading to primary school. I have many fears of this new transition, but I hope and pray that it all will be fine and he will be able to cope with this new world.

Til’ next time!


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