My writing

I have recently decided to be more open with my writing, my actual pieces. I want to post more, but I have realized that I had a bad habit of censoring myself. I do this because I am by all accounts a conservative person, but I have been thinking that people around me need to understand that we all have many sides to us and I express some of those aspects of myself through my writing.

For instance, I do not curse during my daily life (aside from in my mind when shit goes left real quick), but when I write I do include curse words here and there to get a particular message across. No, I am not my characters, but some of my characters are crass and obscene and I love them just the way they are. I need to love them, or love to hate them in order to craft them well.

Confession: I am not actually a conservative, more of a liberal, live and let live kind of person. Most of my beliefs do not align or connect in a straight line or even make sense to a lot of people. Eg. I believe in God, but not religion. I am pro-choice because I believe women should have body autonomy and not because I like killing babies. I am pro-lgbt because who the hell cares what people do in their bedrooms once every person is a consenting adult? The list goes on, but you get my drift. I write what inspires me and the stories that I feel need to be told. My mind is a minefield at times, deceptively calm, but so much lurking beneath. When one of those bombs go off I do what I must, and I write.

I am saying all this to really say that I plan to post more about my writing and that you should take it for what it is; an intention of art and creativity and I do hope that whatever I post you take an objective look at it. Hope you enjoy!

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