On Writing…

In the midst of all the content that exists out there, writers like myself sometimes struggle to write on topics that inspire and motivate us. When we do find the inspiration and motivation, we are sometimes faced with hard decisions. Can I write about this subject? Would I do it justice? What would my friends and family think?

We chew on these questions over and over until there is nothing left but residue and that feeling of something poking you at the very back of your brain; telling you to do it. You must do it.

My motivation is telling a story and I have realised that I have fallen into a space of telling the hard stories. My master’s manuscript is a collection of stories on some hard and taboo topics that many people may not be able to stomach, but I believe just for that it needed to be written. Sometimes we need to speak about the dirt and the grime of this life and stop pretending we are living always in the shade. It isn’t always ‘good over here’ and someone in pain needs to have their story told; someone needs to read that story to be saved and uplifted. Not only the stories with a ‘happily ever after’ should be inspiring.

Think about it…

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