The first week of Primary school: recap

Well, it started off with a sniffle and a bit of tears the moment L slipped on his school shirt and realised…oh boy, this is it. His potty face met me as I came down the staircase for the possibly fifth time because I had forgotten something else. (Somehow even with my meticulous planning I felt as if I kept forgetting things). Anyway, so I hugged him and he told me how much he would miss us while he was at school, and I told him I would miss him too but I asked him instead to think of all the new and exciting things a new school would bring. He prepped up a little until it was drop off time and then silent tears rolled down his cheeks. It didn’t help that as soon as we found the class a little girl came rushing out screaming bloody murder at her mother, but at least he didn’t go into the full mimic mode. We got him inside and told him to put away his stuff and then I hugged him again and encouraged him to be open to chatting with the other kids and we left.

Whew! It was a hard one, but loads better than preschool! The second day we had no tears, but he had a little lunch accident (his meal fell while he was eating it) so he was obviously upset about it. By Wednesday, hubby reported that L greeted him with a huge smile and proclaimed it was a good day. Since then we have been getting the response of ‘good’ when we ask him how his day was and ‘we did stuff’ when we ask him what did they do that day. Yea…ok then, that’s a lot to work with buddy (not!) But I will take it as I take it and keep speaking with him. But so far he seems to have transitioned well (so far), we wait and hope a name or two would start to appear of a buddy that he made.

I just want his time at Primary School to be better than preschool, I want him to grow and learn in so many ways and I welcome and simultaneously cringe at this journey. It will all be worth it in the end.

One thought on “The first week of Primary school: recap

  1. Frances says:

    Oh my L is becoming a big boy, what a joy it was to read how you expressed motherhood at the first day at primary school. Lol I dare say I didn’t have much to report as they all (three (3) of them) waved goodbye at the waiting school van aka Auntie Lima. So it is with great pleasure to share L’s journey through this passage of getting to know more about “me”

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