The schoolwork hurdle- Homework edition (Part 1)

This is the sixth week of school and wow, have there been a lot of adjustments! For one, L had to navigate his way through the longer day and the fact that while some things stayed the same, a lot of things changed. One of the main things was the workload.  In preschool, things were super chill and there was no homework. Primary school has been different and after the first week’s reprieve, the work truly began! As you may have remembered in my previous post, I spoke about working with him during the vacation with regards to finding our way back to his abilities. However, nothing prepared us for homework!!

The second week began with a bang and his teacher sent home three pages of writing practice work for him to do. No one prepared us for this. We both looked at the amount of work and felt defeated before it began (I tried not to show my reaction to L, but he dramatically collapsed in a ‘woe is me’ fashion when he saw what he was being asked to do). We somehow managed to power through and he finished about an hour later, tired and needing lots of hugs (I will speak of my technique in another post).

Now, at week 6 we have gotten into a groove of sorts. We check his bag as soon as we get into the door. He gets to change his clothes and get a snack and we dig right into the work; trying to knock it out as soon as we can. This way he can get all the screen/book reading/cuddle time he needs and we don’t have something that could create negative emotions being the final thing we do before bedtime. It has worked so far; he still whines whenever we tell him he has homework, but at least he knows the faster he gets to it, the more time he gets to play and relax.

I am all for homework because it helps the children review concepts taught in school, but I am against tons of homework for homework’s sake. So far however, his teacher has been modulating the amount of work sent as well as it does not appear as if she is doing anything that is way ahead of the age group (like cursive! Yes there are 5-year-olds who are being asked to learn cursive even before most can form simple letters…but I digress and will also write about this in another post)…

Anyways, we look forward to what the rest of this school term will bring. I will keep you guys up to date on all things transitionary (social, emotional and of course school work wise).

Until next time 😉

3 thoughts on “The schoolwork hurdle- Homework edition (Part 1)

  1. Aryann says:

    I noticed with A1 that her teacher does not send homework every day. If they grasped the topic then she moves on but if she sees that they need an extra boost then she will send work, even then its only a couple pages. No long, drawn out set and we really appreciate it.

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