The Schoolwork hurdle-Our new normal (Part 3)

Well now that we are well into the first term of the school year, we have gotten into a groove of sorts when it comes to learning. We have surmounted that learning curve and got to a new normal that works for all of us.

Our new normal now consist of the following:

  • Introducing work at very random times, on random days: By this, I mean on weekends and holidays. I no longer have a set learning time, but I would try to have a good balance of playing, learning, lazing on the ‘off days’ so as for L not to get too accustomed to not doing any work, or being completely inundated by work. Our most recent holiday, Divali, was a good example of this. I realised that he was restless and so I told him to stop watching the show he was watching (he recently discovered Captain Underpants) and we got into some work. To my surprise and pleasure, he did not groan or moan or whine. I brought out some of the new resources that I won in an Instagram competition (shout out Swellmommy on IG) and we did some phonics work. He got excited and decided to do the majority of the activities even when I was done. We managed to break up the monotony, give him something to do, and keep his learning fresh.
  • Always having resources on hand: This is easy enough if you are someone like myself who cannot walk into a bookstore or toy store and leave without an educational toy or book (precisely why I avoid these places like a plague when I have limited funds!). However, thankfully friends and family (and IG competitions) also have kept us stocked up with activity books that we are never left wanting.
  • Library fun: Of course you remember that we joined the library and we have kept this activity up. We have gone from one or two books for him, to the full six you are allowed per person.  Now we tend to read them all out in one afternoon if I don’t put the breaks on him first! L has definitely renewed his love of hearing a story and even reading. So we pick out books we think he can read on his own, read with help, and that one of us could read to him. I have even introduced him to Enid Blyton and told him that we could start one of the children’s detective series (Famous Five/Secret Seven) that I absolutely loved growing up. He says he wants to be a detective when he grows older, so this was an easy sell.
  • Stickers!: Ok so I think I have mentioned in a past post that we had slacked off on the reading and what I have done to get him back on track. So lately, L has taken to seeing reading as a sort of sport. He has been trying to go through the Ladybird book series (ranges from level 1 to 4) and every book he reads on his own with no help, he gets a sticker. This has proven to be a great motivator.
  • Downtime: Yes this helps and has been helping! Allowing him his time to just not have structured play makes the structured learning not so bad. I get fewer groans and moans and sometimes he even suggests doing work!


This is the end of the  Schoolwork hurdle series (for now). Of course, as he grows older and advances at school I am sure there would be new school work hurdles to surmount. How about you share some of the ways you have gotten through the issues at school that your children may have gone through? Tell me about them in the comments!

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