Heat (x 2)

Here are two poems that I wrote a few months ago. I have been dabbling in writing erotic fiction for a while and at first poems were all that came out. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments.



I choose a seat next to you

I sit down, elbow to elbow we touch.

I look forward…


The ebb and flow of the taxi decides our contact,

The warmth of your skin is welcomed in the harsh cold of the vehicle

It travels downward…


I clench my legs together and squeeze

We make eye contact in the mirror ahead

We stare, and you don’t move away.


I walk down the sidewalk, the smells of the city overwhelm me

Then I see you coming towards me and I smile

You hug me and the warmth envelopes me

You pull me close and I breathe you in




We make promises,

We walk away, our arms extending towards each other

Our distance now but a fingertip apart






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