The Fall

Watching as I fall into the pits of hell, but the flames are tame here. I love the heat as the fires lick and caress my skin. I cannot sustain my thoughts as I keep walking, deeper and deeper into the abyss. My soul hurts, my mind bleeds as the pain comes through out of my stomach. I belch and I spew green liquid. I see all my hopes and dreams splash upon the hot rocks and evaporate in the heat. Watching as I empty my body of everything that I hold dear; what is the meaning of all of it? Why do I continue on, working, pushing when nothing moves, nothing budges?

Watch me as I fall and lose my mind as I try to gain who I am. I know who I am, I know what I want, but how do I become? When do I get recognised for this, or will I only ever be me, to me?

The steps further into this hell, the ground grows ever so soft. Soon, I feel as if I am walking on mud, I look at it bubbling up in the heat. The heat, I feel, but it isn’t so bad. I still love it as the fires lick and caress my skin and I feel the rumbling and familiar sensation. I fall to my knees as the trembling moves up from my ankles. My hands are now deep into the mud as I squeeze the warm liquid through my fingers. The sensation rumbles upward and my mouth opens and this time I scream. The scream releases the tension and I feel delirious. The heat rises and I feel as the fires begin to burn. I still love it and I scream in pleasure as the mud consumes me. It flows into my mouth and I feel as the hot liquid fills me up. I feel consumed from the inside out. Hot liquid flows inside of me and my body moves from trembling to writhing and the pleasure increases. I am being consumed and I scream for more. The hot mud flows and I feel as I slip away, through my fingertips I escape. I have been consumed and I, the I before me is gone. I watch as my body sinks deeper into the bubbling mud and I become one with the fires. I have fallen and been consumed. I am no more, and I am everywhere. I am fire and mud and heat and pleasure. I am me.

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