Robert walked into his room and found his neighbour, Celia, draped across his bed. Clad in black lace underwear, her arms and legs were splayed; attached firmly in place to the bedposts by leather restraints. He smiled and looked over her body, admiring the fact that she was now under his control.

“What are you going to do with me?” Celia said in her signature husky voice.

The thoughts that ran through his mind were plentiful and he did not know where to begin. He reached back and locked the door. Today was the day that he would make her pay for teasing him these last six months. She had constantly sent him pictures of her naked body in various poses, cleaned her house naked with the windows open, giving him a clear view of every bend and reach.  She had dismissed all his advances to come over because she knew he had a girlfriend. However, Gabrielle had just left on a two-week ‘girl’s trip’ and so Robert had decided he was going to make a meeting happen. It did not take much convincing this time and now she was in his bedroom, just the way he imagined her to be. The sight of Celia’s almost-naked body made him go crazy, and Robert was surely not going to squander this opportunity. Nevertheless, he wanted to play first.

He smiled at her, “What would you do if I just left you there and went about my business? Would you be upset with me?”

She laughed. “Well I would just have to punish you, because you would be a bad boy, wouldn’t you?”

If nothing, she was bold! Restrained to a bed and still acting as if she was the boss. He grinned and thought of all the things he would have to do to work that out of her — make her his little bitch. He wanted her to take his orders; be willing and open to fulfilling his desires, as well as her own under his instruction.

            “I guess I would be, but I am not convinced you could do me any harm,” he said with a smirk on his face.

He walked towards the bed and straddled her body. She smiled up at him, he could see the anticipation building in her eyes. Her face wore an expression he could not yet read, but he was getting more excited by the moment, the tell-tale tingle in his penis now becoming a rush as he felt his member harden with anticipation. It struggled against the soft denim, wanting to be wrapped in her.  He smiled at her and placed his right hand around her neck, her eyes began to close as he slowly squeezed.

“Open your eyes! Look at me!”

She seemed to struggle to open them, but she managed, like a good little girl. He squeezed and she gasped, her eyes closing down but not quite shutting.

“Good girl, good girl.”

With his next hand he unstrapped her from her restraints and in an instant, she reached down and gripped his now erect penis (jeans and all) in her right hand and began to squeeze-hard. It took him less than two seconds to recognise what she was doing; and he knew that he should have made a noise because this would hurt under normal circumstances. The fact that she was holding him made him enjoy both the pain and the rush of pleasure that came as she continued to squeeze his member in her small hand.

He held her left hand in a quick grip; not hard but strong— he knew she would not be able to get out—and he twisted it around releasing her grip of his penis. He turned her around and pushed her face into the mattress.

“I am the master tonight! Tonight, I will make you pay for all your games! You don’t get to do or say anything unless I tell you to. Do you understand?” he said through gritted teeth as he held her down on the bed. She began to laugh and turned to her right, trying to see his face; managing only to see him through her right eye.

“Punish me then! I deserve it, don’t I? I’ve been stringing you on all this time. Punish me, if you dare!”

He laughed and then spun her around on the bed to face him and slapped her across the face, then held down her two arms above her head with his right arm.

Smiling down at her, “You deserve to be punished! When I’m done with you, you will respect me. When I’m done with you, you won’t forget me, you will be my bitch!”

With his other hand, he ripped off the delicate panties with one tug, slipped his hand under her back, and undid her bra. She soon began to writhe on the bed beneath his strong grip.

“Please, Please.” She begged.

“Please what?”

“Please, daddy, I want you to punish me!”

“Don’t worry, I will! You deserve everything you get here tonight, now shut the fuck up!”

He rose up off the bed, unbuckled his belt, and shrugged out of his jeans and underwear; and pulled the shirt over his head. He was now as naked as she was, and he smiled when he saw her expression and heard her gasp as she looked down and saw his hard penis. She licked her lips in anticipation. Its shaft, long and smooth, held both promise of pleasure and pain. He had promised it to her when she had teased him on those many nights with her pictures, those many nights that he had dreamed that he would make her scream in both pain and pleasure as he entered her over and over again.

She continued to writhe even more on the bed, running her hands towards her pussy in anticipation. He straddled her and slapped her across the face— hard. The slap echoed in the small room, her head wrenched to the right and he saw the fresh red imprint of his fingers already forming on her cheek. She turned to face him with a slight smile on her face.

“Is that all you’ve got?” she said biting her lip.

Without an answer, Robert grabbed her hands firmly by the wrists, held them above her head on the bed, and kissed her firmly. He felt himself slipping into her, her lips soft and inviting, they made him loosen his grip and bring his arms down to caress her cheeks as he delved into her sweetness. Their tongues clashed and came together in a slow dance; a samba filled with red-hot passion and quick steps. He drank her in; she devoured him hungrily. He felt if he continued, he would lose himself in her; so he broke the embrace of the sultry samba, rose up and looked down at her for a couple of minutes. Their eyes locked and no words needed to be spoken. Her hazel eyes pulled him in and drowned him in their depths—he felt powerless.

Shaking his head to free himself of the pull of her eyes, he swung his right leg to the left; he got off her and swiftly turned her body around, smashing her face into the sheets once more. He took her left butt cheek into his hand and squeezed hard and she gasped for breath—he then slapped her hard, the skin rippling while she screamed out. He slapped her other butt cheek and did it repeatedly; her cries a mixture of pain and pleasure, shrieks and laughter. He stopped for a moment to admire his handiwork: perfect red handprints on her pale skin. Before she had time to gather herself, he straddled her legs, moistened, his thumb and then stuck the now moistened thumb into her ass.

“Fuck!” she screamed out, her head rising off the mattress. With his free hand, he held onto her hair and pulled, wrenching her head further back and almost lifting her upper body off the bed.

“Fuck yes, that’s what I intend to do—fuck the shit out of you!”

In and out his thumb went; her screams now replaced by a melodic moan and intake of breath. Then, without stopping, he spread her legs some more with his knee, and shoved his hard and quivering penis into her vagina. The wet, hotness that welcomed him made them both moan simultaneously and he didn’t move for a couple seconds while he let the intense feeling flow up his penis. Then, in and out, penis and thumb working in tandem— her vagina so wet the sheets soon grew soaked under her. He pushed hard against her, leaned closer, and began to nibble her back making a trail up her spine. The unmistakeable quiver of an orgasm went through her and he blew his hot breath against her ear and whispered hoarsely, “Scream my name bitch!”

“Bobby! God Bobby, I love it! Fuck me!” she tried to turn to the side, but he rose up and taking his thumb out of her ass held her down with both hands and began thrusting violently inside her. Her shrieks of pain and pleasure soon were once again echoing through the room. Two violent orgasms from her later, he pulled out his penis, held her by her hair and raised her from the bed. Making her kneel down before him on the carpet, and without any questions, he shoved his penis into her mouth.

“Be a good girl and suck daddy’s cock, take it all in baby,” he said looking down at her.

His hand on the back of her head made sure that she did not try to move, another hand on her shoulder to steady her as he shoved his cock into her mouth.  She grabbed his arm, pulled it from the back of her head and—without stopping—expertly opened her mouth and took in his large penis right up to his testicles. The effect of this smooth deep throat action left him suddenly without a fight in him and his arms dropped to his sides as she sucked on his penis, a twinkle of pride in her eyes as she looked up at him. His moans pushed her to suck on his penis harder and harder, swallowing it in its entirety at each suck; massaging the testicles as his moans grew more intense. She drew her pleasure from his pleasure and continued to lick and suck on his penis; enjoying every inch of it.

Suddenly he looked down at her, held her head in his hands and pulled her off him. The look he gave her either spelled trouble or pleasure—she was game for anything. He raised her up off the ground to face him, stroking the strands of hair from her face; he smiled and kissed her so tenderly she was surprised. When they separated, he looked at her with a strange look on his face and said, “I could come to get used to this, you know.”

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow not knowing what to say, searching his eyes for a clue for this sudden outpouring of feelings. She did not have time to find out what was behind those dark eyes because he pushed her backwards onto the bed, flipped her and started down her back with little bites; the trail going down her spine, bites all across her buttocks. He spread her legs and began to flick his tongue along her vulva, his hot tongue making her tingle and shiver. He raised her legs and rested them on his shoulders, the licks getting deeper and deeper; soon his tongue was thrusting in and out of her with a hot intensity that the orgasm that spread through her was like wildfire and made her squirm and hold on to the bed sheets, pulling them up. He lifted her legs off his shoulders, he reinserted his thumb into her ass again, and went back to sucking on her; pulling the lips of her vagina into his mouth and licking and sucking with such intensity that she could no longer contain herself. She screamed so long and loud that she bet the neighbours could hear her through the walls. She had never felt such pleasure coming from so many places at once. Bobby then pulled out his thumb and placed two fingers in her ass. Her moans got stronger and stronger; her vagina, wetter and wetter. Soon, a third finger joined the others in her ass. He stopped sucking her and inserted his penis into her vagina and, after a couple of strokes he pulled out his cock, wet and dripping, and inserted it into her ass slowly. The gasp of surprise was very audible, her hand came up and pressed against his chest, but he did not stop, he kept pushing slowly and slowly until most of his penis was in her and then began to move in and out slowly, listening to her response. Her eyes were closed, and her hand had grown limp. He took it and began sucking on her fingers as he slowly moved in and out of her ass and listened to the gasps of pleasure from her.

“Yes baby, just relax and take it in. You know you want it; you know you love it— don’t fight it.”

Celia’s moans of pleasure soon became the rhythm of their sex and Bobby was very hypnotised by them. Rocking his head back he fell under the spell of his motion and her moans; the unspeakable pleasure they were both experiencing was unmistakable. This was worth the wait. Celia had been worth it.

He felt her tense up and knew she was very close to another orgasm and he tried to quicken his pace. Pumping up his intensity by just a notch he soon felt the rush of his own impending orgasm and gripped her thighs tightly. Their moans grew and her tremors got more intense. Before he knew it, he felt the hot rush of semen and he gripped her even tighter as he emptied himself into her ass.

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