Two months passed, what have we done?

It has been quite a time these past two months at home. Frankly, most of the time has been spent prepping for the new chapter in L's life: Primary School. Eeek! I know right? My child is going to 'big school' and I am freaking out just a tad. He, on the other hand is… Continue reading Two months passed, what have we done?


Gender roles and Peppa Pig

For some time now L has been making mention of his fear of the dark, but most recently (almost as soon as he hit the age of 5) his fear of the dark went through the roof. Literally, every night while sitting with him until he falls asleep, he would mention ghosts and the shadows… Continue reading Gender roles and Peppa Pig


Things not to say to people who only have one child

This post has been a long time coming, I have been mulling it around in my head for so long, but after I recently read an article called 10 Things not to say to new moms and I thought, 'it is time I said my piece'. I have one child (you may have noticed I… Continue reading Things not to say to people who only have one child

Omega Writes

On Writing…

In the midst of all the content that exists out there, writers like myself sometimes struggle to write on topics that inspire and motivate us. When we do find the inspiration and motivation, we are sometimes faced with hard decisions. Can I write about this subject? Would I do it justice? What would my friends… Continue reading On Writing…

Omega Writes

Cherry Pie

Take a read of a piece of flash fiction I tried my hands at some months ago. Tell me what you think!   ........................................   Manuela’s glossy black hair reminded Godfrey of the lake behind his house. Her lips took on a ruby red hue that was in stark contrast to her pale skin. He… Continue reading Cherry Pie