Our crafting adventures (on a budget)

Throughout L's time in preschool we have had project after project to do, so much that we felt as if we were back at school ourselves! Added to the school projects, L would give his father his own projects to do (he would just decide he wanted something and he absolutely needed daddy to do… Continue reading Our crafting adventures (on a budget)


Round 2: Fight: (Primary School edition)

So last month I spoke about the first phase of the Primary School registration process. I spoke about it being seamless and easy to navigate, but I did not account for the roadblock that would have been put in our way by the Ministry of Education itself. Yes, the very ministry that is supposed to… Continue reading Round 2: Fight: (Primary School edition)


We have been busy little bees!

Over the Christmas clean-out/de-cluttering period when I was searching online to find the perfect gift for L, somehow Amazon, with its all-knowing powers told me (down-right insisted) that I should get a lovely organizational centre for L as well. So, I spent my hard-earned cash and bought the centre for him and waited with great… Continue reading We have been busy little bees!