The Schoolwork hurdle- How I got over the resistance (Part 2)

In the last post I spoke about the homework hurdle that we encountered and in this post, I will tell you how I actually have been working through the resistance. Every single time we presented work to L he groaned and whined and it was always a fight to get him to do anything. Honestly,… Continue reading The Schoolwork hurdle- How I got over the resistance (Part 2)

Omega Writes

On Writing…

In the midst of all the content that exists out there, writers like myself sometimes struggle to write on topics that inspire and motivate us. When we do find the inspiration and motivation, we are sometimes faced with hard decisions. Can I write about this subject? Would I do it justice? What would my friends… Continue reading On Writing…


Here we go a-reading!

Hey guys! I have been super busy these past couple of weeks, juggling a number of things: making L's costume for his Carnival jump up (will blog about it soon), prepping for my MFA Oral Exam(also will blog about this, but only after, when my nerves are back to normal), and work. But I am… Continue reading Here we go a-reading!


Big steps taken!

The New year brought major goal setting, (as my last post spoke about) and one of those included prepping L for Primary School so I wanted to update you guys on the progress he has been making.¬†Our guidance included getting him more familiar with how to hold a pencil, forming letters, reading simple words etc.… Continue reading Big steps taken!


We have been busy little bees!

Over the Christmas clean-out/de-cluttering period when I was searching online to find the perfect gift for L, somehow Amazon, with its all-knowing powers told me (down-right insisted) that I should get a lovely organizational centre for L as well. So, I spent my hard-earned cash and bought the centre for him and waited with great… Continue reading We have been busy little bees!