Omega’s Writing, Copyediting, and Blogging Services

We provide the support you need to manage and maintain your business with ease! We assist with the details of your day-to-day operations to keep you organized and efficient. With our Writing package, we ensure your message stays clear, and your content stays fresh even in the fast-paced world of business. We also ensure a more organized and effective approach to marketing, by strategically planning your messages to align with your goals. We are happy to offer writing support tailored to your needs. A retainer package allows us to be flexible with the services provided while working within a block of time. It also ensures that we reserve the time to meet your needs. Package prices are based on the level of service that we determine will fit your needs. Packages are non-refundable and do not carry over from month to month.

Basic Writing Package

This package is designed for businesses that need basic writing services such as email, company memos, press releases, etc. The Basic package will be 12 letters/emails/press releases/LinkedIn bios/personal bios per month. The client can choose to mix and match writing needs into this package to make up the 12 deliverables. The Basic package also includes simple proofreading of documents.  This package costs US$225.

Ghost Blogging

This package is designed for businesses that wish to have a dedicated blogger for their website. This package includes the writing of 8 blogs (300 words) or 5 blogs (500 words) per month (the client can provide information if needed, but independent research would also be done). A pre-determined agreement will be made regarding any themes or subject areas to focus on for each individual or monthly-themed blog. Additional content scheduling and posting can be included in the package. Mix and match of four (4) 300-word and three (3) 500-word blogs possible. All blogs must be approved by the client before posting. This package costs US$275.

Copy Editing

This package is designed for businesses that do not have a dedicated copyeditor on staff. The copyediting service is offered for larger documents such as Annual Reports, Business Reports, etc

The package includes collating data into a cohesive document ready to send to designers for layout. The focus of this will be to make sure the document is clear, correct, complete, and reads well for its intended purpose. Due to the time-consuming nature of this service, a base package price will be offered but will/can be subject to change after the scope of the work is agreed upon.

This package starts at a base price of US$450 for documents above 100 pages.

Copy Writing

This package is designed for businesses that do not have a dedicated copywriter on staff. The copywriting service is offered for needs such as advertising copy, social media, catalogues, brochures, websites, etc.

The package includes writing fresh content that fits the culture of your organisation to increase brand awareness.  The ‘voice’ of the organisation is taken into consideration, as well as its intended audience.  This package includes the writing of 12-15 pieces of short copy (e.g. Social media, advertising, captions), with an additional 2 pieces of longer copy (brochure/catalogue/website).

This package can start at US$300 but is negotiable according to the needs of the client.

Custom Packages & Hourly Rates

The Custom package will be created according to the individual needs of the client. This package can include a mix of any items within the previous packages, as well as the specific needs of the client. This final custom package will work within the client’s budget.

Hourly/Item Rates

We do offer hourly rates for clients that would like to avoid any monthly commitments. Paying for support by the hour is the method we would recommend for those needing only limited or per-project support.

Prices of individual items are below:

Basic Writing (per hr)- US$25

Blogging- (per 300 words) US$40; (per 500 words) US$60

Copywriting (per hr)- US$40