5 reasons why you NEED to hire an editor

I often hear people bemoan the use of a professional editor. I mean, why should you pay someone for something that you can either do for yourself or get done for free from family and friends? I get it; trust me I do. We all need to find ways to save money, but here is the thing – the same way you need to hire the professional plumber to fix the leak under your kitchen sink (that you made worse by attempting to ‘fix’ yourself) is the same way you will benefit from utilizing professional editing services. We save you loads of headache and we are a great investment in any project! Yes, I said investment!

A good editor can push your work light years ahead of the others and make you shine, and here’s why:

  1. Fresh pair of eyes: Tell the truth. When you find yourself rereading your work for the 67338848 time, aren’t you more frustrated at the end of it? Do you end up finding more mistakes and inconsistencies each time? Yes, probably.  A professional editor will provide you with a fresh pair of eyes – someone who is not distracted and can give you that 100%.
  2. Objectivity:  A paid professional has no qualms about telling you what you need to do to take your work to the next level. Family and friends always take your emotions into account, but at the risk of sounding cold, a professional would be able to strip that emotion and tell you what you need to do.
  3. Dedicated professional: A professional editor saves you frustration and the stress of doing it for yourself. When you trust your work to a professional, you are now able to trust that the work you present is the best possible work.
  4. Helps you to perfect your writing: A large part of a professional editor’s job is to provide feedback and comments on ways to improve, thus helping you improve your writing over time. Having a relationship with your editor improves language use and helps you communicate ideas more effectively.
  5. More free time to dedicate to other projects: Who doesn’t need more time? Give the work over to those who love it and want to ease your stress, so you can now focus on those endless projects piling up on that desk!



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